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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 18

Goodnight Crocket...

Sadly this week my Juneathon mission came to an end, no blog on Thursday and no exercise or blog on Friday. I was determined to push through and keep up with exercising and blogging every day. Sometimes life has a funny way of messing up your best laid plans.

My Uncle Dave (Crocket) has been very unwell for around 6 months now and on Thursday night he took a very big turn for the worse and at around 20:00 on Friday evening he passed away in his sleep, he was only 46 years old.

My Brother and I had already arranged to attend the gym today and despite the situation with our uncle, we both decided to make sure we went.

So today I hit the gym for a great bit of cardio. Although I slept well last night I woke up this morning and felt completely drained and thought I would get a boost from a bit of cardio, while I was working out it was all good.

I started with a set time 15 minute run and managed to get in 2.5km which given my lethargic state I was most impressed this was followed by my favourite kettlebell workout, as I found the 12kg too easy last time around I decided to start my move up to the next weight 16kg the p, oh my days that was a big big difference the plan was to do 1 of the 6 sets with the 16kg, I ended up challenging myself and my body by doing the first 2 sets.

Swings - 1 minute
Snatch - Press - 30 secs each arm
Single Arm Swings - 30 secs each arm
Snatch - Squat - Press - 30 secs each side
Alternating Swings - 1 minute
X 2 16kg kettlebell

Swings - 1 minute
Snatch - Press - 30 secs each arm
Single Arm Swings - 30 secs each arm
Snatch - Squat - Press - 30 secs each side
Alternating Swings - 1 minute
X 4 12kg kettlebell

Run -

Kettlebell Cardio -

Goodnight people


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 15


Yesterday my Wife was home from her mini-break and a little bit of normality resumed sadly including going back to work.
On a positive work note I applied for a new role within my organisation and have been waiting for date for my 1st interview/assessment day, I opened my emails at work and there was the great news, 30th June is my date which is good as I could start training in August if I'm sucessful, the bad news for this is as well as keeping up the fitness stuff I now have to study and prepare for this assessment, I had no idea just how much simple maths I had forgotten since leaving School 18 years ago! It's going to be a lot of hard work, but if I'm successful it will be so worth it.

As I wanted to spend some time with my Wife yesterday I had to do my minimum 1 mile run after work, I chose to do a 1 mile stretch of the VLM route backwards up to where I leave my car during the day, the downside to this is it is predomanently up hill! I have to say it was definitely a struggle, stats are on yesterdays very short blog.

Sort of back to normal today in the gym for just after 6am and on the treadmill, managed to bang out 4.27km in 30 minutes, the furthest I have run since the Silverstone Half Marathon in March, so I was quite pleased with my efforts, this was followed by a 40 minute Spinning class, today's profile was "race day" which meant no recovery periods and lots of sustained high resistance sections mixed with flat road running and sprints, I have to say this was hard work today. Still I enjoyed it.

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The weight is still coming off too which is pleasing, the actual total is around 8kg as I put in an incorrect starting weight, should have been 106kg to start not 103kg.

Off to work shortly so hopefully no more exercise until tomorrow.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 14

Need sleep, early start tomorrow, I'll leave you with this and do a more comprehensive blog tomorrow.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 13

Nice new shoes :)

Anyone who is a Mother or Father will understand and appreciate the joys of teething, my youngest son is 18 months old and has most of his teeth, he has 4 more to come and typically they have picked this weekend to try showing up, my Wife is on holiday and out of the country so I'm having to deal with it all by myself this has meant roughly 10 hours sleep in total across Saturday and Sunday night. Despite this both children and I have been pretty awake and lively, that was until this afternoon, the youngest became very moody and I kept falling asleep while playing with him, which is always the sign of great parenting.

On a big positive side I had a package arrive today containing my shiny new Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 trainers.
The orange in them is a lot brighter than I thought it would be, but I love them, did my first run in them tonight and they're amazingly comfy, I ran the London Marathon in a pair of Asics but then won a pair of Adidas which were nice but not as comfy, I don't think I'll be straying from Asics again.

Tonight's run was quite enjoyable and I probably could have carried on for longer but didn't think it would be fair on the child care, done a new pb for the mile taking another 20 seconds off my previous pb for this year, hopefully this means I'm getting a bit better at this running stuff again.

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 12

Lazy day.

Not much to write today, not that what I normally write is all that interesting anyway.
Had a lazy day of sofa hugging, but managed to do an impromptu and unplanned run while at a children's birthday party (things you had no idea people have in their garage) I also came in 4th in a group of 7 Dads.

No Garmin with me so no exciting and interesting HR stats for you today. Back to normal tomorrow evening for day 13 as I have a planned run in the rain.

Bye for now


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 11

Busy day....

I would like to start today's blog by congratulating my very good friends Tammy & Steve on becoming Mr & Mrs Long today.

Bearing the above in mind and the fact that my Wife is still on holiday I had to leave the kids with my Mother-in-law and hit the gym.

Today I was planning to do my first attempt at a proper (ish) brick session, so I jumped on the "Espinner" put all the info in and set it up on "race day" setting for 45 minutes, a couple of hills and sprints here and there, very few flat roads. I managed to do 14.1 miles. I had my trainers all set up and ready to go near the bike so managed to get my SPD shoes off and clean the bike while putting the trainers on and doing up the laces, before jogging over to the treadmill farthest away from me and starting the run, oh my days! I had no idea how hard this would be, thankfully I have found out now so I can work on it, I managed to plod along for 11 minutes and get a whole 1 mile done. So tired when I was finished that I thought I would fall asleep on the stretching mat area.

Tomorrow will be a nice easy simple 1 mile run.

Night night.


Friday, 10 June 2011

Juneathon 2011 Day 10

A nice surprise.

My Wife is on a girly holiday now, so I had to get my exercise for the day done before she was due to leave for the airport and as a result I had to cancel the usual Friday Spinning class, so instead I headed to the gym for the usual 6am start to a Friday hoping to add to the amount of cardio I have put in so far this week. I pulled into the car park to be greeted by my little Brother/PT a sight that in nearly 5 years of attending this gym at it's old and new location I have never seen at that time of day, big positive though as I would now have my part time PT standing next to me, this always helps motivate me to work a little harder than normal.

Today's Juneathon.

Run 1 mile, 10:52, Av HR 149 (81%), Max HR 172 (93%).

Kettlebell Cardio, 41:39, Av HR 148 (80%), Max HR 163 (88%)
Swings 1 minute,
Snatch - Press 30 Seconds each arm,
Single Arm Swings 30 Seconds each arm,
Snatch - Squat - Press 30 Seconds each side,
Alternating Swings 1 minute.
12kg Kettlebell 6 times with 1-2 minute break between each set.

Goodnight all,